Get to know St. Paul's Staff

Rev. John Ward-Diorio

Pastor and Teacher

Rev. Allyssa Boyer

Associate Pastor

Eric R. Dundore

Minister of Music

Mark A. Dundore

Assistant Minister of Music

Patrice G. Miller

Assistant Organist

Renee E. Durbin

Administrative Assistant

Sarah A. Myers


Jonneke A. Dundore

Choristers' Director

Mike Hatz



Get to know the Governing Body of St. Paul's

Kneeling L-R:  Megan Riesmeyer, Sherry Spencer, Becky Drazba,

Standing L-R: Chris Grice, Wendy Hayden, Nancy Richey, Chris Bowers, Steve Roush, Fenton Fox

Zooming: Craig Martek, Jeff Leister, Paula Boyer

Consistory is the governing body of St. Paul’s UCC. This group meets once per month. It consists of six deacons, six elders, and the pastor.  Deacons and elders are elected by the congregation and serve a two-year term.  To be a deacon, you need to have been a member of St. Paul’s for one year. To serve as an elder, you must have served as a deacon (although not necessarily at St. Paul’s).


Duties of Consistory members include, but are not limited to: serving communion, serving as head usher for one month per year, being a liaison between Consistory and the various councils, setting policy  for the church, and representing the congregation between its annual meetings.