There is a Sunday School for everyone

St. Paul’s UCC Christian Education Mission Statement


St. Paul’s United Church of Christ is a community of people who believe in God’s Continuing Testaments. God continues to speak to us, and to educate us through our Holy Scriptures, our Spiritual Practices, our works of service, and all of our experiences.

    As Disciples of Jesus, we commit to broadening our understandings of our faith and other faiths, our calls to service and stewardship, and our commitments to reaching out to all people especially those in need. God continues to teach us and we continue to follow and learn, as we seek to bring god’s realm further and further into being. In doing that, we:

· Believe education involves hearts, minds, and spirits,

· Are unafraid to ask questions and recognize that we have perhaps been walking down incorrect paths,

· Approach education as a life-long event for the youngest to the oldest, supporting one another in our quests to draw closer to God and follow our calls,

· Believe that we are all both students and teachers, with much to learn from and share with each other and the wider community.