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Serving Others Through Love Of Creation!!

Genesis 2:9 9The LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground-trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The recent removal of dead trees and those trees causing issues where planted has highlighted the opportunity to continue our beautification of our church grounds in support of our Love Of Creation and reduce the impact of climate change with trees acting as a cleaner, or filter for the air, absorbing CO2 and expelling fresh oxygen into the atmosphere.

We’d love to have more trees on our St. Paul’s UCC beautiful property.   If you would be interested in sponsoring/purchasing a tree for St. Paul’s, we have a list of 17 different locations on the property (please see the Tree Map below), along with 2 Pennsylvania Native tree options for each location. The various types of trees for sponsorship/purchase are identified by category below. Some trees are in several categories.  In addition to individuals -- families, groups of families, committees or Sunday School classes could join together to sponsor a tree to continue the Love of Creation at St. Paul’s.  

Sponsorship forms are available below, or contact the church (or Kim) and we can get one to you.  

This Tree information has been brought to you from the Green Team (a subcommittee of the Building/Dreams and Visions Committee).   We consulted with a local PA Certified Arborist from CV Tree Service to get these environmentally friendly PA native recommended trees for the specific locations.  Please feel free to research any of the trees to get more information that you would want.  

Please contact Kim Pirtle at Kim.Pirtle@aol.com for additional information.  

Have a Tree-mendous Day!  

Tree Tags from the National Arboretum are metal with text lasered on. Either put a personal dedication on or remain anonymous and give to the Glory of God. 

Seventeen (17) different locations on the property! Note: Site C will not receive a tree and sites L and Q are reserved for the entire congregations combined contribution.

Shade Trees

Privacy and Evergreen Trees

Ornamental Trees

Please contact the church office (717-766-7931) or email (stpaulstaff@outlook.com) with Tree Sponsorship info.


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