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There is a Sunday School for everyone

St. Paul’s UCC Christian Education Mission Statement


St. Paul’s United Church of Christ is a community of people who believe in God’s Continuing Testaments. God continues to speak to us, and to educate us through our Holy Scriptures, our Spiritual Practices, our works of service, and all of our experiences.

    As Disciples of Jesus, we commit to broadening our understandings of our faith and other faiths, our calls to service and stewardship, and our commitments to reaching out to all people especially those in need. God continues to teach us and we continue to follow and learn, as we seek to bring god’s realm further and further into being. In doing that, we:

· Believe education involves hearts, minds, and spirits,

· Are unafraid to ask questions and recognize that we have perhaps been walking down incorrect paths,

· Approach education as a life-long event for the youngest to the oldest, supporting one another in our quests to draw closer to God and follow our calls,

· Believe that we are all both students and teachers, with much to learn from and share with each other and the wider community.


Meets in Room #1, Mrs. Dar Murphy is our teacher. The youngest members of our faith family learn that church is a friendly, safe place to be nurtured and grow.  The teachers play and read Bible stories with the little ones so that from the ealiest age our children feel at home in church. 

Currently, the Toddler class meets in room 1.

Preschool Class

Meets in Room #1, Mrs. Dar Murphy is our teacher. Preschoolers are curious about the world around them and eager to learn.  We keep it simple and fun by focusing on basic truths, and encouraging a sense of wonder through games, songs, crafts, and Bible stories.  We seek to teach each preschooler that God made them and loves them and that we love them too.

Currently, the Preschool class meets in room 1.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Meets in Room #2, Mrs. Missy Gates and Mrs. Val Lill are our teachers. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me".  Early elementary children are busting with energy, and our class uses that energy to draw closer to God.  Through colorful lessons, crafts, songs, and games, this class focuses on new discoveries and the ways in which we can follow Jesus.  In this class, children learn to talk with Jesus, trust in God, and to treat others as they'd like to be treated.

Currently, the Kindergarten-2nd Grade class meets in room 2.

3rd - 5th Grade

Meets in Room # 3/4, Mrs Joone Dundore, Mrs. Amy Paulus, and Mrs. Deb Cashman are our teachers. Upper elementary kids are incredibly creative and insightful, and our class utilizes their enthusiasm for nature, science, art, history, sports, music, and drama.  Our upper elementary kids begin to question and to think about the way the world works and the way God works in the world.  In this class, kids learn the basics of the Bible.  Each child is given an illustrated Bible and encouraged to make it her own – read it, write in it, ask questions, carry it on the go. 

Kids learn about life during biblical times and, when faced with difficult decisions, talk about the choices they would make.  And, since the curriculum is lectionary-based, the message of their Sunday School lesson is reiterated during worship and in their parents' and siblings' Sunday School classes.  This creates a great opportunity for further learning and discussion in the car home or around the dinner table.

Currently, the 3rd - 5th Grade class meets in room 3/4.

Middle School Class

Meets in Room # 11/12, Mrs. Shawna Simpson and Mrs. Becky Thompson are our teachers. Our 6th - 8th graders are bright and inquisitive, beginning to think more abstractly and challenge some of their preconceptions. The Junior High class learns not only about Jesus, but also focuses on the lives and times of the people in the Bible – their beliefs and practices, their celebrations, conflicts, and everyday life.  The teachers highlight the similarities between the scripture lesson and the students' real-world experiences like during school, or with friends, parents, and siblings.  As with many of the other classes, the Junior High class's curriculum is lectionary-based, so each student has a foundation on which to learn during worship and to discuss with their family.

Currently, the Junior High class meets in room 11/12.

Senior High Class

Meets in Room # 7/8, Mrs Sue Ward-Diorio and Miss Allyssa Boyer are our teachers. The 9th - 12th grade students apply their critical-thinking skills to forming deeper, more enduring faith.  The Senior High teachers aim to prepare lessons that are contemporary and relevant to the busy and somtimes complicated lives of teenagers, helping them to transition to leading spiritually fulfilling lives as young adults.  This class focuses on our relationships with God and each other, and reminds students that we are all children of God, made in God's image, and we all deserve love, kindness, and respect.

The students and teachers discuss a wide range of real-world topics including acceptance and inclusion of others, social justice and action, generosity and smart money management.  Along with a lectionary-based curriculum (like many of our other classes) the Senior High class also participates, on a four-year cycle, in the Our Whole Lives Lifespan Sexuality curriculum.  Developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ, Our Whole Lives is a sexual education curriculum built on the values of self worth, sexual health, responsibility, justice and inclusivity.

Currently, the Senior High class meets in room 7/8.

Our Whole Lives was featured in an article in The Christian Century.

Adult I Class

Meets in Room #1, Mr. Herb Bomberger and Mrs Vonny Eckman are our teachers. This class presents an opportunity for a deeper look into scripture, offering varied points of view and lively discussion.  This is paired with an examination of current events, of the history of our church and denomination, and opportunities to discuss ways in which we can act in our community.  It is for all adults (visitors, new members, and those who have been a part of our church family for many years) who are willing to open their minds to new possibilities.  This class's continual inquiry into the Christian faith and experience fosters closer ties with God and each other.

Currently, the Adult I class meets in room 10.

Adult II Class

Meets in Fellowship Hall, Mrs Shirely Keith-Know and Classmembers are our teachers. Adult 2 Sunday School Class:

The Fall Sunday School year officially starts

Sunday September 17th.

We will be meeting in Fellowship Hall.

Our topic for this fall is "White Privilege".

We will be using the United Church of Christ's Curriculum. I will also have some printed copies at class.

You can also email me if you want me to save you a printed copy. 

Part One - The Spiritual Autobiography Told Through the Lens of Race.

Questions: email Shirley Keith Knox at

Ault III "Roamers" Class

This class began as a group of people chatting around the kitchen coffee machine.  They sometimes "roam" the halls of the church, though they are most frequently found in the kitchen or parlor.  Though not a class in the traditional sense, this group of affable members and visitors welcomes anyone to join them for morning conversation and fellowship.  We are reminded that God speaks to us in many different ways – through scripture, class discussions, and even conversation with friends.  All adults are invited.  You might be surprised by what you learn.