Ensuring the Building, Grounds and Equipment of the Church are well-maintained and in sound working order.

This Property Committee council is responsible for:


Yardwork: This group helps to mow, weed, mulch, plant, and do related tasks to maintain the grounds around the church. 


Painting: As with any building, the church sometimes needs inside walls painted. Painters do not need Michelangelo talent, just a desire to do some brush strokes on the wall(s).


Carpentry: Persons with general carpentry experience are always needed. 


Cleaning inside church: When it’s time for “Spring cleaning” and fall clean-up, many sets of helping hands are needed to help the Property Committee clean the inside of the church.

Emergency cleaning: If the church building has an on-site emergency, members might be needed to come to the church on short notice to tend to these property concerns.