Stiching Prayers and Love

The purpose of our ministry is to create shawls that cradle the recipient of the prayer shawl in hope, keep them in joy, grace them with peace, and wrap them in love.

    We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 1:00-2:30 PM in the church parlor. If you do knit or crochet but you can’t make it to our meetings, we would invite you to make a shawl at home and bring it to the church office. Our shawls are given to persons within our congregation and to others near and far away.

    Our opening prayer at each meeting wraps us in the compassion and love of the holy One and grounds us in the purpose of our work:  “To knit and crochet God’s love, care, and warmth into shawls for those who need them.”

    The shawls that we knit and crochet seem to be on loan from some higher place. The totality of the shawl is more than the sum of the creator of the shawl, the wearer, and the yarn, and is something we can’t possess.

May God’s grace be upon these shawls…warming, comforting, enfolding and embracing.  May these mantles be safe havens… sacred places of security and well-being…sustaining and embracing in good times as well as difficult ones.  May the ones who receive these shawls be cradled in hope, kept in joy, graced with peace, and wrapped in love.  Blessed Be!