St. Paul's





Time and Talent

TIME Today, time has great value. We are often very busy, and yet we are asked to share some of our precious time without expecting any return.  For some people this means working at a church-related ministry, serving on a board or committee, teaching children or adults, leading a bible study group, or helping at worship. Others share their time in community service, in working with the poor, hungry, or homeless, or in helping people build homes, and learn computer skills.  Good stewards may also advocate for fair housing. Whatever a steward does, by sharing some time, the steward helps to build something greater than any one of us.


SELF — The giving of self is closely related to the giving of time. Each of us has particular gifts (talents) that have been given to us for the building up of God’s reign, and for the good of all people. By our sharing we commit our lives, as disciples of Jesus, to the service of others. In our writing and advocating for justice or in our baking bread and writing poetry, we are putting ourselves at the service of all.