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Hartman Center

Hartman Center is the Outdoor Ministries facility owned and operated by our UCC conference, Penn Central.  Located in the "Seven Mountains" area of central Pennsylvania, Hartman Center is comprised of nearly 200 acres of meadows and woodland, with easy access to nearby streams, hiking trails, and state parks.  Hartman Center provides opportunities for people of all ages to experience the joys of nature and learn to be faithful stewards of God's creation, all while sharing the spirit of Christ through quality camping programs.

Their programming includes retreats, conferences, workshops, and summer camps.  Offering over 35 camps, many of our kids, youth, and adults love camping at Hartman Center.  It's so popular among our membership and their family and friends, most of our campers go back year after year.  Because we believe that camping at Hartman Center can be such a transformative experience, St. Paul's UCC pays for at least one quarter of all of our members' registration costs, and offers scholarships to children and youth.  Hartman Center is a wonderful place to have an authentic outdoor experience and learn what it means to live in harmony with nature.

For more information, please visit the Hartman Center website.

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