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3rd - 5th Grade

Upper elementary kids are incredibly creative and insightful, and our class utilizes their enthusiasm for nature, science, art, history, sports, music, and drama.  Our upper elementary kids begin to question and to think about the way the world works and the way God works in the world.  In this class, kids learn the basics of the Bible.  Each child is given an illustrated Bible and encouraged to make it her own – read it, write in it, ask questions, carry it on the go. 

Kids learn about life during biblical times and, when faced with difficult decisions, talk about the choices they would make.  And, since the curriculum is lectionary-based, the message of their Sunday School lesson is reiterated during worship and in their parents' and siblings' Sunday School classes.  This creates a great opportunity for further learning and discussion in the car home or around the dinner table.

Currently, the 3rd - 5th Grade class meets in room 3/4.

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