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Prayer Shawl Ministry

St. Paul’s Prayer Shawl Ministry creates shawls that cradle the recipient of the prayer shawl in hope, keep them in joy, grace them with peace and wrap them in love.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the second Tuesday of each month in the church parlor from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM except for the 3rd month of each quarter when we meet Sunday morning at 9:15 following the 8:30 worship service.

Shawls which we knit and crochet seem to be on loan from some higher place. The totality of the shawl is more than the sum of the creator of the shawl, the wearer and the yarn and is something we can’t possess. Mystery invites us simply to attend to it, to relish in it, to savor the flow and feel of yarn over fingers and of shawls over shoulders.

Through our Prayer Shawl Ministry we can learn to trust the truth that God works through us when we care for friends and strangers alike.

Janet Bristow, 2000 -

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